Doctrine of Signatures – tell me more…

Hello and welcome to my second blog.

In this blog, I would like to introduce you to the Doctrine of Signatures which is the process of unveiling the healing qualities of a flower essence that is rooted in mediaeval cosmology.  I don’t want to ‘blind you with science’ and I have said that this is just an introduction to whet your appetite so I will be sharing information with you over the next few months about properties of individual plants.

Graphologists will read a person through their hand-writing; plants may be read […]

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This is my world!

Hello – I’m Vivien and I thought that it was high-time that I started to share my knowledge and a small part of my life with the on-line community.

I live and work in a small village just outside Cromer and develop beautiful and healing flower essences and Bach Flower remedies, which is coincidentally where Dr Bach made and researched many of his flower essences.   We prepare them all by hand in the traditional way – just as Dr Bach would have done himself.

Another love in my life is bee keeping.  I became the proud ‘Mum’ to 10,000 new residents, plus one queen, […]

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