Story behind the Holly Tree

This is my 4th blog and this week I think it’s poignant to talk about Holly.

In pagan times, Holly is believed to have crowned the Winter King who was sacrificed at mid winter. This was adopted by Christianity who at the time,  chose to absorb popular customs rather than eradicate them.

Christ was adopted as the sacrificed God-King, and the Holly tree became the ‘holy’ tree. The crown of thorns a holly wreath, the four petalled white flower , his purity and the cross; […]

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Keen as mustard!

In my last blog I proMustard Bach Flower Remedymised that I would share some of Dr Bach’ Signature of Flowers and that the next one would be Mustard.

Dr Bach grouped his 38 remedies into manageable groups and Mustard was placed into the ‘Helpers’ group.

The Nineteen Helpers are for challenges that are caused by our interaction with life, and are the […]

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