For dark winter moods – Mustard flower essence

Now we are moving into an exciting new year, let’s banish those dark winter moods with mustard flower essence.

I will be selecting a different flower each month and also an astrological sign too, so look out for next months edition.

The Mustard Flower Essence

Ideal for those dark winter moods

A Mustard Flower Essence type mood can descend unexpectedly, like a gloomy, black cloud, which banishes all hope and light, and there seems to be no reason for it! Nor is there any […]

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Move calmly into 2012

Happy New Year and welcome 2012 – I do hope the Mayan prophecy proves to be inaccurate too!

Often we feel quite drained and exhilarated moving into a New Year.  All the festive parties, food and drink has caught up with us somewhat leaving us feeling quite sluggish, but at the same time, there’s the exhilaration of moving into a brand shiny new year.  What we all need is to regain a little balance, physically and mentally and natural essences may just be the remedy.  Dr Bach Rescue Remedy is now famous the world over; there are many many […]

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