Impatient Aries!


April brings spring for real, and with it a great upsurge of life energy, as nature bursts forth!

The Aries star sign, is symbolised in the God of War, and they are courageous, often impulsive people. There words are ‘I am’, and they do always put themselves first.

The remedy that matches Aries is Impatiens, and like the name suggests these people can be quick tempered and easily irritated by others. Very intelligent and clever, they are very goal orientated, and if you cant something done […]

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White Violet (Viola Odorata)

Adventure of the inner, spiritual journey 

In the meaning of flowers, the Violet is thought to embody the concept of candour. This means people who are honest,  frank and straightforward in their expression with others. They are sincere, fair and embody a sense of purity and lack of prejudice, which brings a sense of calmness to situations.

But saying that we are very familiar with the idea of a ‘shrinking violet.’ This gives the impression of a shy, modest and unassertive person, often female, who shrinks from any familiarity with others, loosing courage and spirit. It may be that they fear rejection, preferring to draw themselves […]

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The Cherry Plum

The Cherry Plum has responded to the recent warm, mild days and the very first pure, white blossom of the year is lighting up our hedgerows.  It’s a small, bushy tree without a clear form, having several smallish trunks, as if it is more than one tree, so it lacks the clear ‘I am’ gesture of a single trunk tree. The little plums that come later in the year, may vary in colour from yellow through to orange or red, and production tends to be sparse and in many years they are […]

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Pisces and the Rock Rose


In Pisces we match with the healer flower Rock Rose.  This is the remedy for extreme terror and is in the famous emergency  combination. How can this be a personality remedy you ask!! Well, it does seem strange, but there really are people who live in permanent fear! It lurks on hidden,  deep levels and leaves these people pale, wide eyed and exhausted from coping with such an ongoing burden.  They may seem vague, […]

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