Star of Bethlehem

What a beautiful bulb!

This warm spell has brought out their white star shaped blooms to brightly speckle my grass! It’s one of the most useful of remedies, being for people who have had startling and traumatic experiences, which can block the bodies life force. Apparently the after effects can still be felt years later and the natural healing processes will find it difficult to function. This essence can release bring equilibrium to the body’s own healing energies, allowing them to work more […]

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Bluebells in May at Blickling

Look at this exquisite clump of bluebells taken in Blickling Wood. If you can get out this weekend, you will still catch a good show of bluebells,  the rain and cool temperatures have ensured a long flowering season this year.  While you are in the wood,  spend a few moments really ‘being with them,’ and see if you can get your own impression of the bluebell‘s plant signature ( see previous blogs for more information on this).

What do you think the bluebell will do, made up as a flower essence?


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May – Taurus and Gentian



The sign of Taurus links to the Bach Remedy Gentian. A fixed, earth sign, and symbolised by the bull, Taurus people’s reputation for being obstinate is understood. However, ruled by Venus the goddess of love, they are very appreciative of form and beauty. Slow and steady in their approach,  they are practical in life, and are the builders and architects.  Liking security, they may be materialistic,  so on a darker note, can be acquisitive. This is however, a religious sign, as these people have a strong […]

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