Leo and Vervain; a little late!



This is the time of the Leos, who are fixed fire and ruled by the sun. They have huge pride, and people of this sign are great leaders and authoritative in their field. They are showmen, and may be actors, which feeds their need to be the centre of attention. Despite being dogmatic and dictatorial, they have a constant and romantic heart, if a little jealous at times. Here is the sign of the Sun King and the absolute power that corrupts absolutely!!







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Making Clematis

With this wonderful spell of clear weather, perfect Flower Essence making weather, I needed to get out and make some Clematis – a priority, because its in the emergency combination. So Cromer cliffs here I come to check how the clematis was doing!! The number of buds was astonishing, but no flowers as yet!! Well words could not express the frustration! However, at the bottom of the cliff, I was thankful to find some flowering sprays, not many, but just enough. Normally I would […]

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