Libra and Scleranthus



‘I balance,’ are the key words for the Air sign of Libra. They are intelligent, eloquent and amicable people, with an innate sense of justice, so are good diplomats or judges. Chronically indecisive, (even a menu can prove a challenge), this the most well know trait of Librans, as they ‘hang in the balance,’ weighing up the alternatives so things are done in complete fairness.  They love harmony, (and music), and for this reason may sometimes compromise themselves with a ‘peace at all costs’ policy. Ruled by […]

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Resonance and flower remedies


Flower Essences are highly dilute. They work on the subtle energy fields of the body, and any changes in these can influence mental, emotional and physical well being

These fields can be impacted by RESONANCE. What  does this mean? Let me try and explain.

When two systems of energy are resonant, i.e. they both have a simliar vibration or feel; that energy is greatly amplified or enhanced. e.g.

  • If a C tuning fork is chimed, it will activate the C strings in the orchestra
  • A violin, or even a voice, at a certain pitch, will shatter crystal
  • Beautiful music can ‘move’ you emotionally. It’s affecting […]
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Walking in the sunshine – Gentian

Go on, go for a walk in the beautiful sunshine!

This lovely little plant, Gentian is flowering now, on chalk downland, so take a walk and enjoy!!

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