Marvelous Mimulus

Mimulus is the flower remedy which brings courage in the face of everyday, named fears.  Fear of spiders, fear of the dark and so on.

The plant demonstrates this innate courage by preferring to live clinging to the side of waterfalls!!

Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy


Interestingly on the morning I went out to make this remedy I was feeling quite anxious about something. I worried and fussed over what might be the best thing to do. But then, as I gently put the […]

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The Ups and Downs of being a Bee Keeper

It’s hard being a bee keeper these days.  I have lost both of my hives and feel really sad indeed!

The colonies were small after the winter and failed to thrive – probably due to the very mixed weather this spring and starvation. I fed them syrup, but they would not take it. So what can you do!?

I’m putting away my equipment for this year and will hope to get some swarms next year for a new start.

Too ‘cut up’ about it to carry on for now. It’s heartbreaking, but this is the reality of my bee keeping this year.


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