Using Bach essences with astrology

Using Bach Essences with Astrology

Dr Bach in The Twelve Healers (1933), makes reference to astrology as a useful guide to choosing a helpful type essence for support along life’s path. He suggests the moon’s placement in the birth chart as providing the most valuable insight into a person’s main lesson in life, and also their personality type, life’s work and objectives. For example, if your moon were found in Scorpio, your matching type essence would be

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Fly Agaric, an abundance in Norfolk

Paul and I had the most wonderful walk yesterday around Felmingham Common in Norfolk. We counted 157 heads of Fly Agaric!!! A truly spectacular show. In one grove there were 35 alone.

The most recognisable mushroom on this planet has got to be Fly Agaric. With it’s striking red cap and white scales, it can grow up to 7 inches across and 10 inches tall. It’s latin name Amanita muscaria,  comes from ‘musca’ which means fly, thought to refer to it use as an insecticide to kill flies.

A stunning spectacle in our northern boreal woodlands, […]

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