Welcome to Sun Essences

Here at Sun Essences we supply a wide range of Bach Flower Remedies and Flower Essences, designed to promote happiness and well-being.

We passionately believe that flower remedies should be hand-prepared in the traditional way, so that’s exactly what we do! Each individual bottle is therefore filled and labelled by hand with care and sensitivity.

Simple and safe for all the family, we offer a programme of Flower Essences Courses in Norfolk, bringing the benefits of these wonderful, natural products to all.

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Who are Sun Essences?

Vivien Williamson, the founder of Sun Essences, has always felt  a special calling to this work with Flower Essences. For her it is not just work, it is a passionate and meaningful task to produce the best possible product for customers.
Flower essence therapy is not just about taking remedies, it is also important to understanding the basic principles behind them. Sun Essences therefore promotes the simple philosophy of Dr Edward Bach which is designed to work hand in hand his famous remedies.

Sun Essences gives the promise of quality. All our products are hand-made with care and attention, and you can be assured each one is made according to the specific instructions of Dr Edward Bach.
Sun Essences is committed to taking every opportunity to share the benefits of this simple and safe product in the poorest areas of the world. Learn more about our charity work here

BFVEA - The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association

BAFEP - The British Association of Flower Essence Producers


Vivien Williamson is a member of BAFEP – The British Association of Flower Essence Producers. The association works with its memebers and maintains standards in production, labeling and advertising.

Sun Essences is a member of the BFVEA – The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association. Vivien Williamson is an Advanced Practitioner registered with BFVEA.


A Vogel

Sun Essences exclusively supply the leading natural health company A.Vogel (Bioforce UK) with concentrated Flower Essences to prepare their 12 Jan De Vries Flower Essences. One of the foremost and oldest of such companies, Bioforce’s widerange of trusted herbal products have been available in natural health stores throughout the UK for many decades.

A.Vogel has been a pioneer in Natural Health since 1923.


Meet the team

Vivien Williamson - Sun Essences Owner, Author & Flower Essences Practioner

VivienWilliamsonOwner, Author
& Flower Essences Practioner

Vivien lives and works near the pretty seaside town of Cromer, on the Norfolk coast. By a curious quirk of fate it was in Cromer that the world famous Dr. Edward Bach spent several years working on the flower remedies that now bear his name. Feeling that she was walking in Bach’s own footsteps Vivien began her love affair with Bach Flower Remedies, which in turn led to the formation of Sun Essences.

Read more about Vivien and her work >


The LadiesUnsung heroes!
Ever wondered who the people are who help make Sun Essence products, package up your orders and help out in so many ways?……well, meet the Ladies

Sun Essences Team Member - Jane

Jane Burgon
Jane is qualified in Shiatsu and has always had a keen interest in other healing therapies. She came across the benefits of flower essences some 15 years ago and undertook a flower essence practitioner course where she met Vivien and discovered Sun Essences! She joined the team part time in 2010 and has enjoyed being involved in many aspects of making up and sending off orders ever since.

Sun Essences Team Member - Pat

Pat Ford
Fortunate enough to be able to do a Development Studies degree in Norfolk followed by a Steiner Teacher Training Certificate in London.  Following several years teaching in the local Steiner School Kindergarten (where the children taught me everything I know) I moved to North Norfolk and worked for the local MP before becoming a Councillor for two terms.  Vivien and I met at a beekeeping course and also yoga classes and our common interests and values became apparent!

Sun Essences Team Member - Jo

Jo Turner
After many years of moving from house to house around the UK I’ve finally found my home in a village on the outskirts of Cromer, where I live with my husband and two children. I have always had an interest in natural healing, and although flower essences are new to me, from the very start they just felt right, so to have the opportunity to share it with others is a great honour to me. I’m so exited to be learning from Viv and the team at Sun Essences and hearing from others who have used flower essence for years and from the first time users.

And the rest of the team…

Sun Essences Team Member - Corin

Corin HukeBack Office Techie Guy
Living in beautiful Austria, Corin is responsible for the Sun Essences website, online shop, Face book page and generally monkeying around with other things to help make Vivien’s life a little easier….well that’s the idea anyway!