Flower Essences for Crisis

A look at the way in which Flower Essences can help in times of crisis. Simple, very safe solutions that can help in such situations – both great and small.

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Getting started with Flower Essences

Sometimes it can be daunting to start something new. There seems so much to learn and you worry about making a mistake. Looking at all the flower essences online, there seems too many to choose from.  Just where to start?

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Flower Essences for Grief

The loss of a special loved one is devastating and long lasting. The grief of losing my eldest son showed me first hand that Flower Essences can be of great value at such times.

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Making Flower Essences

The whole principle of healing by this method is so simple it can be understood by almost everyone, and even the very herbs themselves can be gathered and prepared by any who take delight in such.”  Edward Bach Masonic Lecture 1936

The above is a quote for one of Doctor Bach’s lectures, given the year he died.

Doctor Bach wanted us all to make our own remedies. The early newsletters from the Bach Centre give full instructions on how to make them, and then a book was published which contained instructions for all 38 flowers.

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Using Bach Remedies & Flower Essences

Flower Essences individually have a specific negativity  for which they are recommended e.g. aspen for unknown fears, Mimulus for fear, gentian for depression,  White chestnut for a busy head. You will recognise many of the emotional states described within yourself and family. For many people who perhaps find it difficult to describe what they feel, the remedies can provide a way of sorting them out and understanding them.

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Dr Bach - Grouping the Bach Flower Remedies

Once the 38 remedies were complete, Doctor Bach looked for a way to divide them into workable groups so that people might find them easier to use. Coming to them afresh, 38 different emotional states can be very complex to absorb.

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Videos & Clips

Dr Bach and Cromer from Vivien Williamson

Vivien walks down the beautiful Cromer Cliffs and explains about the Bach Twelve Healers Remedies. She goes on to demonstrate how to make a Clematis Flower essence.


Orange Hawkweed (Pilosella Aurantiacum)

Vivien sits in the grassy dunes of Northumberland to talk about the Sun Essence remedy, Orange Hawkweed.


Bach Flower Remedies – Nature’s Little Miracles

Vivien talks about Bach Flower Remedies and how these “little miracle workers” can help in our day to day lives.


Bach Flower Remedies – Water Violet

A beautiful sunny Spring day in Norfolk, idyllic setting with bird song and a mass of water violets. A perfect opportunity for Vivien to make the renowned Water Violet Bach Flower Remedy.


Drops From Nature from Dr Andrew Tresidder

An extract from ‘Nature’s Alchemy’ from Dr Andrew Tresidder, an inspirational, spiritual and evocative insight into the healing power of flowers and plants of garden, meadow, hedgerow, riverbank and wood.