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“To North Norfolk and beyond….!”

To North Norfolk and beyond….!” to steal Buzz Lightyear’s famous catchphrase.

Sun Essences is a truly international company, as over the years we have traded with all continents of the globe.  15 Countries in the EU,  plus 12 more distant shores. Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Norway, Chile, USA, China, Mauritius, Canada, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Brazil. We really do live in a global community now, don’t we?


So one might imagine it would be easier to send parcels, but it’s not!! There are now restrictions on the alcohol content, which directly […]

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Marvelous Mimulus

Mimulus is the flower remedy which brings courage in the face of everyday, named fears.  Fear of spiders, fear of the dark and so on.

The plant demonstrates this innate courage by preferring to live clinging to the side of waterfalls!!

Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy


Interestingly on the morning I went out to make this remedy I was feeling quite anxious about something. I worried and fussed over what might be the best thing to do. But then, as I gently put the […]

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The Ups and Downs of being a Bee Keeper

It’s hard being a bee keeper these days.  I have lost both of my hives and feel really sad indeed!

The colonies were small after the winter and failed to thrive – probably due to the very mixed weather this spring and starvation. I fed them syrup, but they would not take it. So what can you do!?

I’m putting away my equipment for this year and will hope to get some swarms next year for a new start.

Too ‘cut up’ about it to carry on for now. It’s heartbreaking, but this is the reality of my bee keeping this year.


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Sun Essences Newsletter – Spring 2013

The latest Newsletter from Sun Essences is now available.

Bluebells, Travel Bags, Emergency Essence….PLUS a special offer if you spend more than £25 in the shop – it’s all included in the Spring Newsletter!

Read the Newsletter here >

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The Wonders of Exmoor

Although the weather was cloudy, Exmoor still showed us it’s many delights and why so many of us can’t help but return.

Artistically formed hedge-banks of ancient pollarded Beech, bedecked with swathes of primroses. The promise of bluebells to come, everywhere.

Rolling hills with interesting hedges, red soiled fields contrasting with sharp green pasture. Moss and lichen hung trees tell of the moist climate.







Once as abundant as the buttercup, this engaging wild flower was used to produce a rather […]

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Mother’s Day – Searching for the perfect gift?

Stuck for a Mother’s Day gift that’s a bit different?

What about a Sun Essence Gift Bag? Designed to promote well-being, it’s the perfect way to make your Mum feel cared for and pampered! Choose one of our ready-made themed bags or a unique combination, to make your gift more personal.

Themed Gift Bags

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Sun Essences Newsletter – Winter 2013

In the last few days we have been busy preparing and sending out our Winter Newsletter. We hope that you have now received a copy and enjoy reading it.

Should you not have received a newsletter (and would like your own copy), just drop us a line at vivien@sunessences.org and we will be very happy to send one out to you.

Here’s a PDF version Sun Essences Newsletter Winter 2013, if you wish to take a quick read

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Photos needed – can you help?

In updating our Living Essences pages, we are struggling to find good photos for a few of the essences. We wondered if you have any that we could possibly use (on the Sun Essences website)

Of course if we use them, we will make sure you are credited with the photo AND there will be a thank you in the post too!

We need photos of autumn leaves, Borage, the Chalice Well at Glastonbury, Chamomile, Elderflower, Eyebright, Mullein, Nasturtium, Pennyroyal, Pomegranate, Tormentil, White Violet & Wild Daffodil

If you have photos, and are happy to share them, feel free to drop us a […]

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Libra and Scleranthus



‘I balance,’ are the key words for the Air sign of Libra. They are intelligent, eloquent and amicable people, with an innate sense of justice, so are good diplomats or judges. Chronically indecisive, (even a menu can prove a challenge), this the most well know trait of Librans, as they ‘hang in the balance,’ weighing up the alternatives so things are done in complete fairness.  They love harmony, (and music), and for this reason may sometimes compromise themselves with a ‘peace at all costs’ policy. Ruled by […]

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Resonance and flower remedies


Flower Essences are highly dilute. They work on the subtle energy fields of the body, and any changes in these can influence mental, emotional and physical well being

These fields can be impacted by RESONANCE. What  does this mean? Let me try and explain.

When two systems of energy are resonant, i.e. they both have a simliar vibration or feel; that energy is greatly amplified or enhanced. e.g.

  • If a C tuning fork is chimed, it will activate the C strings in the orchestra
  • A violin, or even a voice, at a certain pitch, will shatter crystal
  • Beautiful music can ‘move’ you emotionally. It’s affecting […]
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