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Walking in the sunshine – Gentian

Go on, go for a walk in the beautiful sunshine!

This lovely little plant, Gentian is flowering now, on chalk downland, so take a walk and enjoy!!

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Leo and Vervain; a little late!



This is the time of the Leos, who are fixed fire and ruled by the sun. They have huge pride, and people of this sign are great leaders and authoritative in their field. They are showmen, and may be actors, which feeds their need to be the centre of attention. Despite being dogmatic and dictatorial, they have a constant and romantic heart, if a little jealous at times. Here is the sign of the Sun King and the absolute power that corrupts absolutely!!







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Making Clematis

With this wonderful spell of clear weather, perfect Flower Essence making weather, I needed to get out and make some Clematis – a priority, because its in the emergency combination. So Cromer cliffs here I come to check how the clematis was doing!! The number of buds was astonishing, but no flowers as yet!! Well words could not express the frustration! However, at the bottom of the cliff, I was thankful to find some flowering sprays, not many, but just enough. Normally I would […]

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Resonance and Flower Essences – Part 2

How does resonance relate to Flower Essences?

A certain flower’s vibration can resonate with similar qualities in the human heart,  and therefore amplify these qualities. To explain,  Mimulus for example, will resonate with courage in the human heart  and amplify it in the system, so it can be more accessible to the person.  The negative fear will be washed away, ‘melted like snow in the sun,’ as Dr Bach puts it. The closer the match greater the effect. Here is the special skill in treating the client and the particular value of a well chosen […]

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Resonance and Flower Essences


Flower Essences are highly dilute. They work on the subtle energy fields of the body, and any changes in these can influence mental, emotional and physical well being

These fields can be impacted by RESONANCE. What  does this mean? Let me try and explain.

When two systems of energy are resonant, i.e. they both have a simliar vibration or feel; that energy is greatly amplified or enhanced. e.g.

  • If a C tuning fork is chimed, it will activate the C strings in the orchestra
  • A violin, or even a voice, at a certain pitch, […]
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Cancer and the Clematis



Cancer is a cardinal, water sign symbolised by the crab. Home loving, these people like family life, and seek security. Ruled by the moon, they may have turbulent emotions, like tides in a restless sea. Highly imaginative, they are very kind but quite sensitive, and easily hurt. Sentimental and mother-like,  they nurture and care for things and the people dear to them. It may also take a long time for them to learn to let of past hurts.








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Dr Edward Bach and the Cromer connection

Dr Edward Bach

I have put together a video about Dr Bach and his connections to beautiful Cromer.

I also take you on a tour of the environs of Cromer to introduce you to some of the plants and flowers that grow in the fields and the uses that Dr Bach would find for them and their link to ailments and physiological organs.

I hope you enjoy it and please contact me […]

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Star of Bethlehem

What a beautiful bulb!

This warm spell has brought out their white star shaped blooms to brightly speckle my grass! It’s one of the most useful of remedies, being for people who have had startling and traumatic experiences, which can block the bodies life force. Apparently the after effects can still be felt years later and the natural healing processes will find it difficult to function. This essence can release bring equilibrium to the body’s own healing energies, allowing them to work more […]

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Bluebells in May at Blickling

Look at this exquisite clump of bluebells taken in Blickling Wood. If you can get out this weekend, you will still catch a good show of bluebells,  the rain and cool temperatures have ensured a long flowering season this year.  While you are in the wood,  spend a few moments really ‘being with them,’ and see if you can get your own impression of the bluebell‘s plant signature ( see previous blogs for more information on this).

What do you think the bluebell will do, made up as a flower essence?


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