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May – Taurus and Gentian



The sign of Taurus links to the Bach Remedy Gentian. A fixed, earth sign, and symbolised by the bull, Taurus people’s reputation for being obstinate is understood. However, ruled by Venus the goddess of love, they are very appreciative of form and beauty. Slow and steady in their approach,  they are practical in life, and are the builders and architects.  Liking security, they may be materialistic,  so on a darker note, can be acquisitive. This is however, a religious sign, as these people have a strong […]

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Impatient Aries!


April brings spring for real, and with it a great upsurge of life energy, as nature bursts forth!

The Aries star sign, is symbolised in the God of War, and they are courageous, often impulsive people. There words are ‘I am’, and they do always put themselves first.

The remedy that matches Aries is Impatiens, and like the name suggests these people can be quick tempered and easily irritated by others. Very intelligent and clever, they are very goal orientated, and if you cant something done […]

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White Violet (Viola Odorata)

Adventure of the inner, spiritual journey 

In the meaning of flowers, the Violet is thought to embody the concept of candour. This means people who are honest,  frank and straightforward in their expression with others. They are sincere, fair and embody a sense of purity and lack of prejudice, which brings a sense of calmness to situations.

But saying that we are very familiar with the idea of a ‘shrinking violet.’ This gives the impression of a shy, modest and unassertive person, often female, who shrinks from any familiarity with others, loosing courage and spirit. It may be that they fear rejection, preferring to draw themselves […]

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The Cherry Plum

The Cherry Plum has responded to the recent warm, mild days and the very first pure, white blossom of the year is lighting up our hedgerows.  It’s a small, bushy tree without a clear form, having several smallish trunks, as if it is more than one tree, so it lacks the clear ‘I am’ gesture of a single trunk tree. The little plums that come later in the year, may vary in colour from yellow through to orange or red, and production tends to be sparse and in many years they are […]

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Pisces and the Rock Rose


In Pisces we match with the healer flower Rock Rose.  This is the remedy for extreme terror and is in the famous emergency  combination. How can this be a personality remedy you ask!! Well, it does seem strange, but there really are people who live in permanent fear! It lurks on hidden,  deep levels and leaves these people pale, wide eyed and exhausted from coping with such an ongoing burden.  They may seem vague, […]

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Water Violet – this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius


Well, maybe not exactly the dawning of the age of Aquarius, but we are in February and Aquarius is aligned to the Water Violet.  If you are not sure what the Water Violet looks like, a picture is below.

February is the territory of Aquarians, independent, altruistic, innovative and original people. Humanitarians and great communicators, they are ruled by the genus sign of Uranus. This is a fixed,  air sign, their key phrase being ‘ I Know,’ […]

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Hope and the snowdrop

I promised in my last blog that I would share information and have a ‘flower of the month’.  Here’s a little information about the beautiful snowdrop.

Snowdrops were planted around convents in the middle ages,  as a symbol of the nun’s virginity. This seems quite in keeping with their country name of February Fair Maids and the white flower gives a very clear message of purity. Huge bunches were traditionally brought into the church at Candle mass, which appropriately is the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin.  

Specially hardened stems help the […]

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For dark winter moods – Mustard flower essence

Now we are moving into an exciting new year, let’s banish those dark winter moods with mustard flower essence.

I will be selecting a different flower each month and also an astrological sign too, so look out for next months edition.

The Mustard Flower Essence

Ideal for those dark winter moods

A Mustard Flower Essence type mood can descend unexpectedly, like a gloomy, black cloud, which banishes all hope and light, and there seems to be no reason for it! Nor is there any […]

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Move calmly into 2012

Happy New Year and welcome 2012 – I do hope the Mayan prophecy proves to be inaccurate too!

Often we feel quite drained and exhilarated moving into a New Year.  All the festive parties, food and drink has caught up with us somewhat leaving us feeling quite sluggish, but at the same time, there’s the exhilaration of moving into a brand shiny new year.  What we all need is to regain a little balance, physically and mentally and natural essences may just be the remedy.  Dr Bach Rescue Remedy is now famous the world over; there are many many […]

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Story behind the Holly Tree

This is my 4th blog and this week I think it’s poignant to talk about Holly.

In pagan times, Holly is believed to have crowned the Winter King who was sacrificed at mid winter. This was adopted by Christianity who at the time,  chose to absorb popular customs rather than eradicate them.

Christ was adopted as the sacrificed God-King, and the Holly tree became the ‘holy’ tree. The crown of thorns a holly wreath, the four petalled white flower , his purity and the cross; […]

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