Libra and Scleranthus



‘I balance,’ are the key words for the Air sign of Libra. They are intelligent, eloquent and amicable people, with an innate sense of justice, so are good diplomats or judges. Chronically indecisive, (even a menu can prove a challenge), this the most well know trait of Librans, as they ‘hang in the balance,’ weighing up the alternatives so things are done in complete fairness.  They love harmony, (and music), and for this reason may sometimes compromise themselves with a ‘peace at all costs’ policy. Ruled by […]

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Dr Edward Bach and the Cromer connection

Dr Edward Bach

I have put together a video about Dr Bach and his connections to beautiful Cromer.

I also take you on a tour of the environs of Cromer to introduce you to some of the plants and flowers that grow in the fields and the uses that Dr Bach would find for them and their link to ailments and physiological organs.

I hope you enjoy it and please contact me […]

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Move calmly into 2012

Happy New Year and welcome 2012 – I do hope the Mayan prophecy proves to be inaccurate too!

Often we feel quite drained and exhilarated moving into a New Year.  All the festive parties, food and drink has caught up with us somewhat leaving us feeling quite sluggish, but at the same time, there’s the exhilaration of moving into a brand shiny new year.  What we all need is to regain a little balance, physically and mentally and natural essences may just be the remedy.  Dr Bach Rescue Remedy is now famous the world over; there are many many […]

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