Holly, the perfect choice at Christmas time?

Holly seems the perfect choice for Christmas,  the season of good will, as this remarkable remedy promotes universal love and understanding. We collect the striking twigs, adorned with bright red berries, to decorate our homes at this festive time.


Holly Bach Flower Remedy


The prickles on the leaves are symbolic of the ‘crown of thorns’ and the Holly berries, ‘Christ’s drops of blood’, so it seems more of an Easter tribute rather […]

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Using Bach essences with astrology

Using Bach Essences with Astrology

Dr Bach in The Twelve Healers (1933), makes reference to astrology as a useful guide to choosing a helpful type essence for support along life’s path. He suggests the moon’s placement in the birth chart as providing the most valuable insight into a person’s main lesson in life, and also their personality type, life’s work and objectives. For example, if your moon were found in Scorpio, your matching type essence would be

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Fly Agaric, an abundance in Norfolk

Paul and I had the most wonderful walk yesterday around Felmingham Common in Norfolk. We counted 157 heads of Fly Agaric!!! A truly spectacular show. In one grove there were 35 alone.

The most recognisable mushroom on this planet has got to be Fly Agaric. With it’s striking red cap and white scales, it can grow up to 7 inches across and 10 inches tall. It’s latin name Amanita muscaria,  comes from ‘musca’ which means fly, thought to refer to it use as an insecticide to kill flies.

A stunning spectacle in our northern boreal woodlands, […]

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Sun Essences Be Calm for Animals

Autumn is a tough time for many animals as here in the UK bonfire night looms, along with Diwali and in the USA, Thanksgiving.

Autumn is Firework Time.      Help for pets

We all love fireworks and look forward to celebrations where they light up the night sky. But it can be a miserable time for animals as many are frightened by the very loud bangs. Everyone knows that animals should be shut up indoors on what can be a succession of nights, however, the noise has a penetrating quality that is still loud enough, even inside, to cause distress. Such sensitive […]

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Sociable Agrimony

Plants use many ways of dispersing their seeds.  In the case of ‘sociable’ Agrimony, it uses friendly passing strangers to do the job!

I was having a great day in the garden clearing borders, I bent down and brushed against a Agrimony flower spike, heavy with seed. Suddenly there were at least 50 seeds stuck to my hair, thank goodness it was tied back. Each seed has many spiky barbs, which entangle in the hair/fur. It’s tortuous to remove them! Certainly they will be carried some distance before […]

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A heartfelt plea on behalf of mushrooms

Will all those people who think they are doing a service to humanity by destroying mushrooms PLEASE stop and think for a moment!


Autumn funghi


I think everyone is much better educated now a days on the dangers of eating wild mushrooms, so there is no need to destroy them!?

They are some of the most beautiful of God’s creations and mushrooms are a vital part of the fragile woodland ecosystem.

Mushrooms are the “Mrs Mops” of the forest, efficiently sponging up all the rot and debris that less fastidious plants […]

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Georgeous Gentian

There are many hundreds of different varieties of Gentian, including garden plants. It flowers throughout the summer and well into Autumn. It gives us wonderful show when not much else is about. Known for its  ‘bitter’ qualities, it’s useful as a herbal concoction for the digestion and also as a flavouring in drinks.

Gentian Bach Flower Remedy       Gentian Bach Flower Remedy ”Gentian

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Bella Italia – a trip to Southern Tyrol

It was always the plan to go wandering in the mountains and meadows, but one look at the weather report for Austria (wet, cold and grey) and it was decided….Southern Tyrol it is! And what a great decision that was. Bella Italia! It’s incredible how the mountains have so much effect upon the weather. Only 20 minutes after driving across the Brenner Pass that joins Austria and Italy and we went from grey, miserable, wet weather to glorious blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the 20s – it was almost like someone had turned on the light switch and turned […]

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The joys of North Norfolk

I’m so lucky living in North Norfolk, not just being close to the ‘home’ of Dr Bach and his remedies, but being surrounded by so many interesting places to visit. Felbrigg Hall is precisely one of these places.

It’s a 17th Century Jacobean house left to the National Trust in 1969 by owner, Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer. It offers wonderful walks through mature beech woods and sports a unique stand of younger Beeches in the shape of a V,  in memory of Richard, Roberts older brother killed in the second world war. There is […]

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“To North Norfolk and beyond….!”

To North Norfolk and beyond….!” to steal Buzz Lightyear’s famous catchphrase.

Sun Essences is a truly international company, as over the years we have traded with all continents of the globe.  15 Countries in the EU,  plus 12 more distant shores. Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Norway, Chile, USA, China, Mauritius, Canada, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Brazil. We really do live in a global community now, don’t we?


So one might imagine it would be easier to send parcels, but it’s not!! There are now restrictions on the alcohol content, which directly […]

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