It’s hard to quit those expensive habits!

Remember Stoptober in 2012? A national campaign to get 8 million people in the UK to stop smoking for 28 days. With October 2015 looming, let try again!  But we all need as much help as we can get with all our annoying little attachments

Stop smokingThe Be Free flower essence blend is an ideal support in this process as it contains a range of essences that gives strength to face what seems like a daunting task. Used with your other chosen supports – books, tapes, […]

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Holly, the perfect choice at Christmas time?

Holly seems the perfect choice for Christmas,  the season of good will, as this remarkable remedy promotes universal love and understanding. We collect the striking twigs, adorned with bright red berries, to decorate our homes at this festive time.


Holly Bach Flower Remedy


The prickles on the leaves are symbolic of the ‘crown of thorns’ and the Holly berries, ‘Christ’s drops of blood’, so it seems more of an Easter tribute rather […]

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Using Bach essences with astrology

Using Bach Essences with Astrology

Dr Bach in The Twelve Healers (1933), makes reference to astrology as a useful guide to choosing a helpful type essence for support along life’s path. He suggests the moon’s placement in the birth chart as providing the most valuable insight into a person’s main lesson in life, and also their personality type, life’s work and objectives. For example, if your moon were found in Scorpio, your matching type essence would be

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Sociable Agrimony

Plants use many ways of dispersing their seeds.  In the case of ‘sociable’ Agrimony, it uses friendly passing strangers to do the job!

I was having a great day in the garden clearing borders, I bent down and brushed against a Agrimony flower spike, heavy with seed. Suddenly there were at least 50 seeds stuck to my hair, thank goodness it was tied back. Each seed has many spiky barbs, which entangle in the hair/fur. It’s tortuous to remove them! Certainly they will be carried some distance before […]

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Georgeous Gentian

There are many hundreds of different varieties of Gentian, including garden plants. It flowers throughout the summer and well into Autumn. It gives us wonderful show when not much else is about. Known for its  ‘bitter’ qualities, it’s useful as a herbal concoction for the digestion and also as a flavouring in drinks.

Gentian Bach Flower Remedy       Gentian Bach Flower Remedy ”Gentian

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