Libra and Scleranthus



‘I balance,’ are the key words for the Air sign of Libra. They are intelligent, eloquent and amicable people, with an innate sense of justice, so are good diplomats or judges. Chronically indecisive, (even a menu can prove a challenge), this the most well know trait of Librans, as they ‘hang in the balance,’ weighing up the alternatives so things are done in complete fairness.  They love harmony, (and music), and for this reason may sometimes compromise themselves with a ‘peace at all costs’ policy. Ruled by […]

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Cancer and the Clematis



Cancer is a cardinal, water sign symbolised by the crab. Home loving, these people like family life, and seek security. Ruled by the moon, they may have turbulent emotions, like tides in a restless sea. Highly imaginative, they are very kind but quite sensitive, and easily hurt. Sentimental and mother-like,  they nurture and care for things and the people dear to them. It may also take a long time for them to learn to let of past hurts.








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May – Taurus and Gentian



The sign of Taurus links to the Bach Remedy Gentian. A fixed, earth sign, and symbolised by the bull, Taurus people’s reputation for being obstinate is understood. However, ruled by Venus the goddess of love, they are very appreciative of form and beauty. Slow and steady in their approach,  they are practical in life, and are the builders and architects.  Liking security, they may be materialistic,  so on a darker note, can be acquisitive. This is however, a religious sign, as these people have a strong […]

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Impatient Aries!


April brings spring for real, and with it a great upsurge of life energy, as nature bursts forth!

The Aries star sign, is symbolised in the God of War, and they are courageous, often impulsive people. There words are ‘I am’, and they do always put themselves first.

The remedy that matches Aries is Impatiens, and like the name suggests these people can be quick tempered and easily irritated by others. Very intelligent and clever, they are very goal orientated, and if you cant something done […]

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