Voluntary Naturopathic Clinic In Haiti

Sun Essences has been supporting this group of therapists for some years now, with gifts of Flower Essences and Creams, plus cash donations. The Clinic was started by a Haitian Buddhist monk, Jinpa, soon after the earthquake.  The story of Haiti and its people is heart rending, as over time things have not got better in Haiti but much worse, with many people loosing weight as food gets more expensive and scarce. It is thought to be one of the most stressful places to live in the world. The government is corrupt and things show little sign of improving there. Although some rebuilding is taking place, companies are bringing in foreign workers, so there is little benefit to local people.

Sun Essences International Charity Work - Haiti

There is no affordable medical help for local people, even pre-natal care which used to be free. Now even better off people can no longer afford health care and come to the free clinic in Port-au-Prince. Over their five visits since 2010, these wonderful and dedicated people have seen over 15,000 people – about 3000 per visit – and it seems no matter how long and hard they work they cannot hope to see all the people in the endless queue!

Sun Essences International Charity Work - Haiti






The clinic dispenses donated natural products and it employs local healers. Here is a photo of Nelia at work. She has 9 children, and is thinking to give her youngest for adoption (she is a very cute 5 year old), because she simply cannot feed them any more. It is so heart breaking. Nelia is incredibly grateful for my donation which enables the clinic to employ her.

The Sun Essences Soothing Cream is apparently a big hit, and is now called “Vivien’s cream”. With more and more people asking for it, it is quite clear that I did not send anything like what was needed!!!!

Apparently a lot of mothers of babies came in and specifically request ‘that crème’ again because it had been so effective for the skin rashes and eczema of their little ones, so what I sent out for this last clinic was  mostly given out to small babies.

Sun Essences International Charity Work - Haiti - Flower Essence Soothing Cream


Follow this link to their website and read the amazing story of how the Clinic began and its ongoing wonderful work. Consider donating because you know every penny is going to directly help people very much worse off that you could ever imagine being!


Now read this amazing story!!!




 We have received some wonderful feedback about our Sun Essences creams from the people in Haiti:

The cremes are a great success, people say they feel a relief the moment they put it on their skin. We mostly gave it to babies or people with itching skin, which is common and severe in Haiti. Jinpa puts in on as a trial to see whether or not the itching is relieved, instead people say “oh, my skin is so soft and smooth” – so he has to ask back “so is it still itching?” and they say “no, but can I have another jar to put on my face?” which of course we do not give them. People also report that it clears up their acne as well, so they come back to ask for the cream for acne (which we don’t give for that, either…) For the babies, it’s harder to get feedback as they don’t come back on their own, but from our observation since the babies are not brought back for the itching we conclude that it was relieved. We also give it for sores (open sores from lack of hygiene) which babies and children have on their skin and scalp. We then add a few drops of tea tree oil and it works very well like that.

Since the creme is so gentle, we also use it for children up to four years of age as the carrier base for essential oil mixes – as long as they last! With treating 3000 people, we of course run out fast”.


And some feedback on the Flower Essences:-
‘They have become dubbed “stress remedy” by the people. They come back saying “please give me more stress remedy” because just one dose relaxes them on the spot. They return, bringing their family and friends to get the same treatment. So as you know this time we had an acupuncturist on board, and people have incredible needle phobia. So Jinpa remembers that they gave people a few drops of “Be Courageous” and their needle phobia went away. They also used the FES fear spray. However, this case is with the “Be Courageous”: one young woman came with terrible period cramps and almost fainted at the thought of being ‘needled’. On dose of “Be Courageous” changed her so much so that she’d call the acupuncturist over again to be needled in more places!’

Plus a wonderful Case History for the Flower Essences:-                                                                                                                                                    ‘On our last visit we stayed at a young woman’s house who is generally very soft and shy and she was heart broken, because her mother had died in the earthquake while she was pregnant and the baby later was a still birth due to the midwife waiting too long for an emergency C-section. She never wanted to talk about any of those events, while missing her mother terribly (she was an only child), never went to the grave even once, nor mention her at all. I gave her a bottle of Bleeding Heart and Honeysuckle just before we left. When the team was back, she was much “unstuck”, obvious amongst other things by the fact that she now openly talked about her mother and how much she missed her’.