Finding the right thing that works for you can sometimes be very difficult – in the supermarket looking for shampoo or toothpaste, being confronted with an almost never ending range to choose from, can be confusing and has many of us thinking “where on earth do I start?”.

When it comes to finding the right Flower Essence for you, there are many options and approaches. Some people have adopted the ‘attraction’ method (which flowers you feel an attraction or connection to) or even grouping them by their colour to select from, in addition to the usual consultancy route. At Sun Essences we have adopted an easier way, one which we think is far simpler for you to find the correct product for your needs.

Most of the time people know what their problem is, the area where they feel they need help with; unable to sleep at night, needing to focus more, getting over a relationship and moving on, to name but a few. So, why not group together our products based upon some main areas where we know, from our experience, people generally need help with?… that’s precisely what we have done!

In the Sun Essences Shop you will see a new category on the main menu bar “I need help with…”. Clicking on this, will take you to where we have grouped a number of our products into six categories:-

                               Strength & Focus                                          Grief, Anxiety & Distress                          Confidence & Decision Making
                               Loving & Letting Go                                      Rest & Relaxation                                    Hope & Optimism


Find the right Flower Essence - Rest & Relaxation Group


Take the group Rest & Relaxation.

So many people have difficulty switching off and having the ability to just ‘take it easy’ for a while to recharge over-worked bodies and minds, is a real problem. Lying there at night in your bed, wanting to get some well needed sleep, but your mind is racing – we have all been there!

In this group you will find, as expected, our popular Be Relaxed and Be Restful blended remedies, but also some other Flower Essences which you may not have thought of.



For example, White Chestnut, that can help with incessant, repetitive inner chatter that may cause a lack of concentration or sleep. It aims to bring about Quietness, a Calm and Peace, Stillness.

Or Bluebell, which is perfect for feelings of being overwhelmed and finding it difficult to cope with the pressure.

We are positive that these groupings will be a big hit. In the days to come we are sure we will add some more groups and products. But in the meantime, we hope that this new approach will help you find the precise Sun Essences products to match your needs. And of course, don’t forget to give us your feedback, as we are always delighted to hear from you!