Star of Bethlehem Bach Flower Remedy

During moments of great alarm the emotional impact on our systems can be so powerful that it can literally drive us out of our body, hence the phrase “I jumped out of my skin”. The effect of this is to shift our system out of balance, which if not quickly corrected, can interfere with its natural energy flow and consequently, undermine our strength. The person concerned may not be aware of this, except to say they haven’t felt quite right since it happened. Depending on the severity of the original situation, these effects can live on in the system for long periods of time, with increasingly damaging results.

There is a very simple and safe solution to such difficulties – great and small, Flower Essences. Although they in no way replace medical attention, they can effectively dissolve any such after-effects and encourage a speedy recuperation.  Easy to use combinations for Crisis situations are readily available, at little cost, from many well-known retail outlets. So be prepared for all eventualities, and don’t forget to leave the house without your little bottle of magic.



The Emergency Essence by Sun Essences

Bach Flower Remedy Emergency Essence range

This is a highly effective, synergistic blend of five different Bach flowers. This remarkable combination was first developed by Dr Bach in the 1930’s  and displays amazing recuperative properties. Contains Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens and Clematis, this five flower combination can be used in any kind of emergency or circumstances when we need immediate help.

For example: – Driving tests, interviews, public speaking, exams, bereavements, rows, falls etc. Ideal for short-term use.


Sun Essence Be Calm blended Flower Essence




                                                                                                     The Be Calm Blend by Sun Essences

Sun Essence has added Sweet Chestnut and Bluebell to the above five Emergency flowers to give extra support in times of bereavement and also ongoing crisis situations. Orange Hawkweed, Red Clover and Yarrow also are included for personal energetic protection, essential in such times.  Ideal for long term use.

The Be Calm Blend is now also available in a convenient, easy to use spray, as well as other dispensing methods.