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Sometimes it can be daunting to start something new. There seems so much to learn and you worry about making a mistake.  Looking at all the flower essences online, there seems too many to choose from.  Just where to start?

It’s worth knowing that Flower Essence therapy is very simple and safe,  you can never do any harm if you get it wrong, all that happens is… well,  nothing!

A top tip is to start with the Bach Flower Remedies. This set of 38 flower remedies, were developed in the 1930’s by a doctor and homeopath called Dr Edward Bach. These remedies are used worldwide, so a great deal is known and written about them, which makes it easier for beginners to choose the right remedies.



38 Bach Flower Remedies, plus Dr Bach’s famous blended remedy, Emergency Essence.

The 38 flower remedies, plus Dr Bach’s famous blended remedy, Emergency Essence.

The Ups and Downs of Life

Settle down with a leaflet or book, and read about the 38 remedies that make up the Bach set. Each remedy is for a negative emotional state and by taking it regularly by mouth for a few weeks, serves to sooth and support the feeling and so bring it to a more positive, constructive balance. You will be amused to find the personality of your mother, grandfather, sister and friend so realistically described in the remedy descriptions. The moods that you personally struggle with on a daily basis will be found right there, and also the issues of direction, confidence and anxiety etc,  that hold you back from creating an enjoyable and fulfilling life. It’s like coming home!

Choosing Remedies with a Friend


The issue is always choosing the correct remedies, but all you need to do is talk to a trusted friend about your current life difficulties. Why not let them talk to you about theirs, so you can take remedies together and give each other support?  Friends often know you better than you do yourself. Just talk about the normal, emotional ups and downs of every day life, which you do anyway I’m sure, but this time make a few notes about how you are explaining the problems and the special feeling words used. These are called key words and will guide you to the best remedy choice.

Gentian Bach Flower Remedy


For example :–

  • You have worked very hard at some exams and then for some reason sadly failed. You feel too depressed and discouraged to carry on – try some Gentian, it will make you feel more positive and able to pick yourself up and try again.
  • You have an important job interview coming and you feel anxious and lack confidence. Larch will boost your confidence and Mimulus will give you courage.
  • You want to move house and have found two houses that you like very much, but can’t decide which one will be right. Take some Scleranthus,  as this will help you determine which is best.


You may find several different emotions going on at once, which is normal, so you can put up to 6 remedies in one bottle.


Bach Remedies & Flower Essences - dosage bottles

Buying Remedies

When you buy remedies you will be purchasing, so called, Stocks. These little 10ml bottles will give you over 100 individual doses, so are low cost and very long lasting. The essence of flowers used to make the remedy has no perfume, however, the bottles smell of alcohol, as they contain brandy as the chosen preservative.

Making up a Remedy to take

Buy a little 30ml dropper bottle from your chemist, fill it with still spring water and add a teaspoonful of alcohol such as vodka or brandy, as a preservative. If you don’t want to use alcohol add some cider apple vinegar – it will do the job just as well.

Add just 2 drops from each of your chosen essences and that’s it. A maximum of 6 remedies. Label if there is more than one person in the house taking remedies and keep it near you at all times

How often do I take it?

Take 4 drops 4 times a day, either directly onto your tongue or in a small amount of water first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and then before lunch and before supper. These times are spaced throughout the day as regular dosing is important. Often people with disappointing results when taking a remedy have usually forgotten to take their drops regularly.

Improve your life with Bach Remedies & Flower EssencesThe Results

Take the drops until the bottle is finished, about 3 weeks is normal and    I’m sure you will notice some important changes. Observe your friend       and also tell them to watch you, as people around you tend to notice the positive changes in us before we do ourselves… the fun and benefits of taking a remedy with a friend.

Another bottle?

Settle down once more with your friend and talk about how you are feeling now after taking the bottle. Have any feelings changed and how?  Which remedy would now be a good choice? Some of the original emotions will still be there, but probably less strong,  however new feelings will have come up too.

This is normal as important feelings can get pushed aside as we struggle with life, but remedies bring them forward as they will certainly be what’s really getting in our way of a fulfilling life.

I would suggest taking a cycle of 3 or 4 bottles, and then you will be surprised how far you have come.


The Sun Essence Starter Kit

To make things cheaper and easier for you to get started, Sun Essences offers a Starter Kit. It contains a copy of Vivien’s introductory book on Bach Flower Essences, essential reading about the remedies, three dosage bottles and a box of 10 Bach Flower remedies of your choice. It’s just up to you to choose the 10 remedies that most match your needs.

Choosing the 10 Remedies

I’m sure it will not be difficult to read through the set of 38 remedies and notice which ones jump out at you, because they will!  Just make sure you add some Star of Bethlehem to the list, include it in your first bottle,  at least. This remedy is great for soothing the system after upsets and as all of us have had alarming times in our life they do need to be resolved before we can move forward in our lives.

The Bach Remedies and other Flower Essences book by Vivien Williamson



All that remains is to wish you the best of luck on your journey with flower essences.  These remarkable preparations are wonderful gifts of nature and put us back in touch with inner life. We get to know ourselves much better after which we can then make the best possible choices and get the best out of life.


Vivien Williamson