Gorse is flowering all through the year no matter how cold or dark – it brings a splash of colour and sunshine on the darkest days.

The Gorse Bach Flower Remedy brings hope and optimism,  no matter how difficult life becomes or how hard it is to stay positive and focused.

Gorse Bach Flower Remedy

When gorse is in bloom, kissing is in season. There is always gorse in bloom somewhere, so its always time for kissing  – don’t wait until Valentine’s Day,  give you partner a hug and kiss NOW!

             The Song of The Gorse Fairies

“When gorse is out of blossom,”
(Its prickles bare of gold)
“Then kissing’s out of fashion,”
Said country-folk of old.
Now Gorse is in its glory
In May when skies are blue,
But when time is over,
Whatever shall we do?

O dreary would the world be,
With everyone grown cold –
Forlorn as prickly bushes
Without their fairy gold!
But this will never happen:
At every time of year
You’ll find one bit of blossom –
A kiss from someone dear!

Cicely Mary Barker