Once the 38 remedies were complete, Doctor Bach looked for a way to divide them into workable groups so that people might find them easier to use. Coming to them afresh, 38 different emotional states can be very complex to absorb.

He apparently tried many different ways to group the remedies, but none of them stood the test of time. We have a paper in which he puts the first 19 into a circle with Wild Oat in the middle, perhaps because that is the one that points the way to the others .

He tried to match one of the first 19 with one of the second 19, and although its easy to see some of the pairings, it did not stand the test of time.

He finally left us with the 7 groupings, which we believe relate to the 7 Charkas – but  this is still not totally satisfactory and many questions remain, why is this remedy here rather than there? As this was what he left  when he died, its still mostly used today.

  • For fear – sacral.
  • For uncertainty – solar plexus
  • For insufficient interest in present circumstances – throat
  • For loneliness – crown
  • For those oversensitive to influence and idea – heart
  • For despondency and despair – base
  • For over-care for welfare for others  – brow

These are helpful as they do help you, for example, to understand the differing types of fear or loneliness and they do seem relate to the particular charkas.

Fear Group

Loneliness Group

  • Heather – can’t bear to be alone, seeks company
  • Impatiens – end us being alone because others irritate
  • Water Violet – chooses to be alone

But a better and more understandable way to group the 38 remedies is 12.7.19 – the three groupings in which he made them. Also relates to the way they are made and answers the question as to why he used two methods of preparation.

 The 12/7/19 Bach Groupings

The Bach remedies are divided into three groups, loosely titled 12.7.19. It is helpful to understand exactly what each of the groups is designed to do and choose from each section. This seems to give essential structure to the selection of a dosage bottle and is reported to makes diagnosis easier.

The Twelve Healers

The Twelve Healers were the first remedies that Doctor Bach made. They are type remedies and embody our true unchanging nature, the good and bad of who we are. They represent our major life lessons and offer us our most fundamental growth opportunities, the resolution of which will reward us with a deep self-acceptance. This group of remedies are thought to relate to the zodiac, so the corresponding signs are included for your interest.

The Seven Helpers

The Seven Helpers were made after the 12 healers, and are for chronic states that are not really a part of our true nature, but seem to colour our personality. These influences come from early childhood conditioning, before emotional patterning is set, and are learnt patterns, being largly unconscious. They represent how we mediate with the world and use our energy. Interestingly, these states can often mask the 12 and make it difficult to for the healer remedy to work effectively. This level needs to be resolved for the full resolution of our life lesson, but is often sadly, overlooked. These remedies can be transform what are debilitating or unattractive states, into valuable strengths and well-being.

The Nineteen Helpers

The Nineteen Helpers are for challenges that are caused by our interaction with life, and are the final group Dr Bach made. He made them over a period of six months in 1935 . We can often trace these difficulties back to an actual event, such as bereavement. These conditions are often very painful to live with and may be the most obvious in a consultation, and may mask the 7 and also the 12. Transformations of these states with the essences, translates into valued, wisdom and experience of life – the old wise head you cannot put on young shoulders.

Choosing Remedies

These three layers form a personality onion, with the 12 on the inside, 7 in the middle and 19 on the outside. Often the nineteen are more obvious in a consultation, but all three layers need to be addressed for our ultimate contentment. So when choosing a formula, of up to six/seven remedies, ensure that at least one from each group is selected.