A young man walked into the Haiti clinic in the early morning, holding a sick baby. “Excuse me,” he said, “I was on my way to the hospital with my daughter when I saw the crowd here. I hear you can help. My baby has had a high fever for days, diarrhoea, skin infection, and she can’t eat.” The little one was hanging in his arm limp and lifeless, not showing any reaction.

Sun Essences International Charity Work - HaitiJinpa put some FES Benediction oil on her heart to reawaken her soul. She started to stir. He then sprayed her with Five Flower flower essences. She opened her eyes. Jinpa proceeded to give her homeopathic Camomile 30 C (Hahnemann Labs), and sent them home, the infant now awake and holding her head and body up by herself.

Half an hour passed, and the man came back. “The baby is fine, she is eating. Sorry, but could you give me something for my tooth ache?” We gave him clove essential oil (donated by VCIH). He came back one hour after. “Excuse me, but who are you and where did you come from? The pain in my tooth is gone, and here is my wife, she has a vaginal infection” We gave her the usual essential oil mix, and they left.

Jinpa at work

Half an hour later, the man came back with a 70 year old lady. “Doctor, I don’t know, this is my mother-in-law.” The old lady said “I am poor, I have no money, I have nowhere to go, everything is hurting, I can’t sleep… Please help me at least to get rid of my belly pain and head ache!” We gave her our successful essential oil blend for gasiness, and needled her feet for her headache. Much relieved, she also received some Benediction oil on her heart for post traumatic stress disorder and insomnia.

By 5pm, ready to pack up and leave, the same man from the morning walked in, crying. “I was shocked and ready to hear the worst”, says Jinpa. But this time the man was crying with joy: “Thank you, thank you, ko te ou soti (are you from this realm or from heaven?)” “I took a deep breath to answer” says Jinpa “yes, thanks to Vivien, Michael, Andrea, Julia’s vision, Lili, Kate, thanks to Hahnemann Labs and Whole Foods, Sandra, Neill, … , …, we are here…” “All of those people?!?” he replied incredulously. “Then I also started to cry,” Jinpa confessed, “and did not have the heart to continue listing everyone’s names.”

It was time to drive back home. This is what happened every day, every hour, every minute at  the clinic, non-stop!