Remember Stoptober in 2012? A national campaign to get 8 million people in the UK to stop smoking for 28 days. With October 2015 looming, let try again!  But we all need as much help as we can get with all our annoying little attachments

Stop smokingThe Be Free flower essence blend is an ideal support in this process as it contains a range of essences that gives strength to face what seems like a daunting task. Used with your other chosen supports – books, tapes, DVDs – this blend can help you stay positive and keep moving forward every day.

Tip: Start with Be Free at least a week before you plan to begin other supportive treatment, as this has shown to be particularly helpful to help you get more out of the treatment.

What a lovely gift for your loved ones who are struggling with this issue. A sweet and gentle thought when they need it most!


Be Free


    “I have been trying to give up smoking for years. Finally, this year I was so totally desperate to give up that with the use of the Be Free, plus some books and tapes, I finally did it – I am ecstatic and so proud of myself.”


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