Holly seems the perfect choice for Christmas,  the season of good will, as this remarkable remedy promotes universal love and understanding. We collect the striking twigs, adorned with bright red berries, to decorate our homes at this festive time.


Holly Bach Flower Remedy


The prickles on the leaves are symbolic of the ‘crown of thorns’ and the Holly berries, ‘Christ’s drops of blood’, so it seems more of an Easter tribute rather than for Christmas time. However, if we think of the terrible hatred and aggression embodied within the Crucifixtion, compared to the unconditional love and goodwill that is Christmas, we have the two sides to this remarkable remedy.

Many think Holly to be the most important in Dr Bach’s system of 38 remedies , as it is designed to soothe angry, negative feelings, which we can all admit to and in their place, develop a more generous, loving attitude.

Certainly, this is the season to build bridges with others and let ‘bygones be bygones’.



'Holly is a Bach flower essence that is specific for feelings of the green-eyed monster, and all kinds of strongly negative emotions such as hatred, revenge and suspicion. You may need to take this essence for a while to work through it, though it’s also worthwhile to look deeper as to why these feelings exist in the first place, maybe from a lack of confidence or self-love.'

Elouise Bauskis, Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist at The NutriCentre



Holly, however, is a very powerful remedy, as this quote from a recent article in the Daily Mail newspaper explains. I would suggest that if you find that your feelings do run deep, then it might be good idea to find a trusted friend or companion to talk to.

The Holly Bach Remedy offers a rare opportunity to explore what underpins and motivates a lot of the things we do, and we can go on to choose other remedies from the set to build up our inner strength.


Vivien Williamson