Using Flower Essences - a way to improve your life in many waysDo they really work?

There are lots of ways of explaining how flower essences can help you. Flower essences are designed to relieve stress, for example. They work on the more subtle levels of the system i.e. our feeling levels, not on the physical levels. Consider this way of looking at it. They can turn you away from your negativity and towards the positive side of your nature. You have everything already inside you – you’ve just lost touch with it. Flower essences can be seen as a bridge that puts you back in touch with that part of yourself. The essences support you while you get used to working with that part of yourself again. Once the link is firmly re-established, you have no need of the remedy.

How do I feel?

It is difficult to describe as it can be so ‘natural’ because you are feeling the best of yourself.  People report. ‘I just feel lighter,’ ‘I feel more myself,’  ‘I feel more relaxed and calm,’  ‘I feel more uplifted,’ ‘ I have a sense of greater well-being.’  Your family will often notice a change before you do. The flowers always embody the positive, and their natural vibrations help us to be happy and return us to health.

Another point of view!

They can aid emotional healing and strengthen the whole person. They seem to lift you above your problem so you can view it from a new perspective which may offer you more choice. We need to remember that on one level we are whole and that our strengths are always there – we have just lost sight of them. As the flower essence supplies us with the strength we can’t access, we can get used to feeling strong again and in so doing re-claim our lost self.

Is change possible?

There are often payoffs in being ill, so we must really want to change. We also need to recognise the link between body and mind.  During the healing process we may encounter difficult parts of ourselves, it’s never easy to be confronted with one’s real nature if we perceive it as not very nice! But flower remedies can help us change our state of mind and come to terms with it. They can turn hatred into love, resentment into forgiveness, so many people take the remedies for self development and to become the best of themselves.

In our urban lives we have lost our natural connection with nature. Time in nature is very calming and healing, think about holidays by the sea. Flower essences can give us some of the healing power of nature in a bottle and reconnect us to our true source.