‘I balance,’ are the key words for the Air sign of Libra. They are intelligent, eloquent and amicable people, with an innate sense of justice, so are good diplomats or judges. Chronically indecisive, (even a menu can prove a challenge), this the most well know trait of Librans, as they ‘hang in the balance,’ weighing up the alternatives so things are done in complete fairness.  They love harmony, (and music), and for this reason may sometimes compromise themselves with a ‘peace at all costs’ policy. Ruled by Venus, goddess of love, this is the sign of marriage, and the setting aside of ego-drives to share in a relationship, comes naturally to them as they naturally think in terms of ‘we are’.






Scleranthus Bach Flower Remedy


The connection between Scleranthus and Libra is clear, this remedy  is the choice for the indecisive types.  They are hesitant and uncertain, and can easily feel unbalanced and confused. They are quiet types and suffer alone, choosing not to seek help. They will eventually make up their own minds, but it  seems to others that these people  are fickle and lack conviction because they can vacillate,  being one way one day and another tomorrow. They can genuinely see both sides of the issue and want to be fair,( and liked).

This remedy is helpful for mood swings, and  also motion sickness and vertigo. Always take when there is an ‘either or’ situation to tackle, and the flower  will foster discrimination and help people be more calm and clear about what is the correct decisions to make.