Doctor Bach wanted us all to make our own remedies. The early newsletters from the Bach Centre give full instructions on how to make them, and then a book was published which contained instructions for all 38 flowers.

Here is a quote for one of Doctor Bach’s lectures, given the year he died.

The whole principle of healing by this method is so simple it can be understood by almost everyone, and even the very herbs themselves can be gathered and prepared by any who take delight in such.”  Edward  Bach Masonic Lecture 1936



Method 1

Making Flower Essences - the sun method - Buttercup Flower EssenceThe Sun Method – for the 12 Healers and the 7 Helpers.
On a clear and sunny day, perfect flowers are picked and floated on fresh, natural spring water, which is held in a clear glass bowl. This bowl is left on the ground in full sun, near where the flowers grow. The solar energy unlocks the life force of the flowers which creates an energetic imprint in the water. After 3/4 hours, when the flowers have faded, the liquid is preserved in an equal amount of 40% brandy. A dilution of this ‘mother’, which lasts indefinitely, makes the stocks that you buy.

Method 2
The Boiling Method For the Second 19.
The second nineteen, which are mainly trees, are made by the boiling method. On a bright day, newly flowering twigs are picked to fit and fill a clean pan, then fresh water added to cover the twigs. This is brought to the boil and simmered for half an hour.

When the liquid is cooled it is filtered and preserved in an equal amount
of 40% brandy, which gives you the ‘mother.’ A dilution of this makes the stocks you buy.


Preparing a Stock
Fill a 30ml dropper bottle with pure brandy, and add 2 drops of the mother essence. Made as above.  This is the stock you buy.


Preparing a Dosage Bottle for the Bach Essences
Almost fill a 20/30ml dropper bottle with spring water, these being available from the local pharmacy. Add one teaspoonful of brandy as a preservative, vodka may also be used. Add cider apple vinegar or glycerine if you want to avoid alcohol. For babies and animals one can make up a dosage bottle without preservative, in which case the bottle must be kept in the fridge.
Put 2 drops of each chosen essence into the bottle
Label with name, date and contents
Shake well.



In Doctor Bach’s time, the idea that water could hold an energetic pattern was not understood, but interestingly, Paracelsus used the dew from plants to treat patients with emotional problems. Modern research has gone a long way to giving us some real evidence that supports what Doctor Bach discovered.

Masaru Emoto
Recent research work by Masaru Emoto photographs water ice crystals and his books of amazing photographs shows how good and bad influences affect the form and beauty of the crystals. Buy one of his books ‘Messages from Water’ or Visit

Quote from his website:-

It is quite clear that water easily takes on the vibrations and energy of it’s environment, whether toxic and polluted or naturally pristine.’

Jacques Benveniste
Jacques Benveniste’s research into the Memory of Water has also done invaluable work on water’s ability to hold an imprint or memory. Go to

Quote from his website:-

The phenomenon referred to involves diluting a substance in water to a degree where the final solution contains only water molecules. With the hypersensitive systems he was using, however, he observed that this highly diluted solution initiated a reaction, as if the initial molecules were still present in the water: water kept a trace of the molecules present at the beginning of the dilutions’

Let us finish with another quote, this time from Nora Weeks.

It was the method of simplicity he (Doctor Bach) had longed for….the Air from which it feeds and the sun or fire to enable it to impart its power and water to collect and be enriched with its beneficent magnetic healing……….”

Nora Weeks, Medical discoveries of Doctor Edward Bach. (1973)