Mimulus is the flower remedy which brings courage in the face of everyday, named fears.  Fear of spiders, fear of the dark and so on.

The plant demonstrates this innate courage by preferring to live clinging to the side of waterfalls!!

Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy


Interestingly on the morning I went out to make this remedy I was feeling quite anxious about something. I worried and fussed over what might be the best thing to do. But then, as I gently put the flowers in the bowl, I felt a quiet calm come over me.

Suddenly things became clearer.  I would simply wait and see what happened. If I needed to do anything, I would know how best to deal with it at the time. It may never even happen! Since then the problem has left my mind and I am no longer troubled.

How wonderful that even being close to the flowers can prove so beneficial.

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