Stuck for a Mother’s Day gift that’s a bit different?

What about a Sun Essence Gift Bag? Designed to promote well-being, it’s the perfect way to make your Mum feel cared for and pampered! Choose one of our ready-made themed bags or a unique combination, to make your gift more personal.

Themed Gift Bags


Choose your own Gift Bag

Select one of the following external care products

Lavender Protection Spray, Lavender Easing Oil, Oak Foot Cream with Peppermint, Crab Apple Soothing Cream with Lavender.

Select two items from our range of fifteen Be Blends

Balanced, Calm, Comforted, Confident, Courageous, DecisiveFocusedFree, LovingPositive, Present, Relaxed, ResistantRestful, Vitalised.

Note: flowers and ribbon may be different from that illustrated.