Flower Essences are highly dilute. They work on the subtle energy fields of the body, and any changes in these can influence mental, emotional and physical well being

These fields can be impacted by RESONANCE. What  does this mean? Let me try and explain.

When two systems of energy are resonant, i.e. they both have a simliar vibration or feel; that energy is greatly amplified or enhanced. e.g.

  • If a C tuning fork is chimed, it will activate the C strings in the orchestra
  • A violin, or even a voice, at a certain pitch, will shatter crystal
  • Beautiful music can ‘move’ you emotionally. It’s affecting your energy field and amplifying your emotions.

What did Doctor Bach on this say:-

  • “The flower remedies are like beautiful music or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to rise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our souls and by that very act, to bring us peace and relieve our sufferings.” Edward Bach, Ye Suffer from Yourselves. 1931

Think about this; if you enter a room that has a ‘heavy’ energy about, you can sense it pulling your energy levels down. Conversely, if you encounter a high energy atmosphere, i.e. you join a meditation group, you can feel elevated. Both of these situations are resonating with something that is already inside you, even the  room with the heavy energy.  Interesting eh?

How does this relate to Flower Essences?

A certain flower’s vibration can resonate with similar qualities in the human heart,  and therefore amplify these qualities. To explain,  Mimulus for example, will resonate with courage in the human heart  and amplify it in the system, so it can be more accessible to the person.  The negative fear will be washed away, ‘melted like snow in the sun,’ as Dr Bach puts it. The closer the match greater the effect. Here is the special skill in treating the client and the particular value of a well chosen individual mix. If the flower essence is for some reason wrong,  there can be no effect, which is why this therapy is so safe for everyone to use.

Resonance with the Natural World

Nature ‘speaks’ to us on deep levels of our being; we know it, but then again, we don’t know that we do. If we are out walking and feel particularly drawn to a certain plant, we can know that there has been some communication between us. This is again the action of RESONANCE, and you can be sure that this plant has connected at a level deep inside, and has something important to say.

The realisation that a plant can actually give a ‘message,’ is based on the Doctrine of Signature, (a wisdom used by Herbalists in medieval times), or the science of Plant Signature as it is known today. The message was thought to give insight into understanding specifically  what the plant could do in terms of healing, and was more often related to a body organ. Lungwort has leaves that look like a lung so its used for lung complaints, cyclamen has ear shaped leaves, and so on. Flower Essence therapy has greatly extended the understanding we have of Plant Signature, and it now encompasses messages for the emotions, mind and spirit. It is now known to be a language of symbols, more like an artist’s language. The plant uses shape, colour, tone, structure, texture, fragrance, number, habitat etc to make its statement.  Often involving quite complex relationships, it’s probably beyond most of us to read such a message in full, but we could begin to understand some basic terms and so make our country walks a richer experience. Such simple knowledge,  will help us develop a deeper appreciation and respect for the natural world, understand our deep kinship to it, and the knowledge that even plants have a voice. We might also be drawn to try certain flowers as a healing essence, knowing that the plant itself has been our guide and wishes us unconditional health and happiness.