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About Us and Flower Essences
Flower essence therapy is not just about taking remedies, it is also important to understanding the basic principles behind them.
Sun Essences therefore promotes the simple philosophy of Dr Edward Bach
which is designed to work hand in hand his famous remedies.
Getting started using Flower Essences
Starting off wth something new can be a challenge. We appreciate that having a helping hand to guide you is so important. Take a look at the introduction we have
put together to help in your journey into the incredible and enlightening world of
Flower Essences

Sun Essences is a member of the UK Flower Essence producers association,
BAFEP Vivien Williamson is an advanced member of the UK Practitioners Association, BFVEA

Both organisations provide members with a set of recommended guidelines,
and up to date information. This encourages a high standard of work in this
growing industry.