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Vivien Williamson

Vivien Williamson

Vivien lives and works near the pretty seaside town of Cromer, on the Norfolk coast. By a curious quirk of fate it was in Cromer that the world famous Dr. Edward Bach spent several years working on the flower remedies that now bear his name. Feeling that she was walking in Bach’s own footsteps Vivien began her love affair with Bach Flower Remedies, which in turn led to the formation of Sun Essences.

From the beginning Vivien had an intuitive sense that essence combinations would be a significant part of the future of flower essences. And so it was, with the help of Jane Stevenson of Sun Essences for Animals (Creature Comforters), they began developing ranges of blends for people and animals.

An active member of the UK flower essence community Vivien was delighted to be Chairperson of the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association (BFVEA) for two years. She also spent some time as editor of their official Essence Journal.

Her first book “Bach Flower Remedies And Other Flower Essences” was published in 2000. In that same year Sun Essences were proud to be selected by Bioforce to supply the floral essences for the Jan De Vries range of Flower Essences.

Today Sun Essences is a thriving business with customers here in the UK and across the world – supplying both individuals and wholesale customers with its fine ranges of Bach Flowers Remedies, Be Blends and Living Essences.

 Please take time to browse and see for yourself our wonderful range of Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essences and other Natural products.

Need some further information? Feel free to call us on our Sales Line +44 (0)1263 768227 or email at vivien@sunessences.org


The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association

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Vivien Williamson is a member of BAFEP - The British Association of Flower Essence Producers. The association works with its members and maintains standards in production, labeling and advertising.

Sun Essences is a member of the BFVEA - The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association. Vivien Williamson is an Advanced Practitioner registered with BFVEA.



Sun Essences exclusively supply the leading natural health company A.Vogel (Bioforce UK) with concentrated Flower Essences to prepare their 12 Jan De Vries Flower Essences. One of the foremost and oldest of such companies, Bioforce's wide range of trusted herbal products have been available in natural health stores throughout the UK for many decades. A. Vogel has been a pioneer in Natural Health since 1923.