Sun Essence Living Flower Essence Sets

These recently discovered essences complement and extend the range of choice beyond Set 1, which are the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. Providing some very specific and useful properties, they have proved to be of great service to consumers and practitioners alike. They are highly effective in their support of people and animals, and consistent and positive results are frequently reported.

Numbering the sets

For ease of reference for ourselves and customers alike, we devised a simple system of numbering for our sets of essences. Being the first set of flower essences ever made, it went without saying that the Bach Flower Remedies would be Set 1.  Our Living Essences were divided into Sets 2 and 3, and more recently Set 4 has arrived on the scene. Will there be more? Well, who knows.


Tried and Tested

These essences are prepared from some of the most well loved, albeit, common garden or wild plants.

More details of set 2 and the individual essences can be found here (PDF)


Living Essences Set 3 - UniqueUnique

At the time Sun Essences made this set of essences, they were not made other essences producers and so thought to be Unique.

More details of set 3 and the individual essences can be found here (PDF)



Not a summer goes by without a flower calling to be made into an essence, so it wasn’t long before we had collected 10 very useful remedies.

More details of set 4 and the individual essences can be found here (PDF) 

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