Flower Essence Body Creams & Lotions

Using the natural power of flowers and trees

Indulgent, luxurious & effective

Sun Essences are proud of their range of lovely, handmade creams with many customers singing their praises. With our insistence on using only natural ingredients and high quality floral essences we have created delightfully soothing creams for hands, face, feet & body.

We are delighted to use the award winning Quinessence® Base Creams as the foundation for our flower essence creams. Taking these high-performance bases we add our own carefully selected essential oils and botanical essences to provide you with a range of luxurious creams.

                                           Flower Essence Body Creams - using the natural power of flowers and trees

These pure natural products are hypoallergenic making them suitable for the most sensitive of skin types. Light textured and non-greasy they do not contain any animal extracts, lanolin or harsh chemical preservatives. Although it is necessary to include preservatives in the base creams to ensure longevity the Quinessence® ones we use are all very gentle and safe.

As you’d expect Sun Essences products are absolutely guaranteed to have been produced without causing any harm to animals.

Simple & Pure

Sun Essences add carefully selected, revitalizing flower essences and high quality essential oils for their beautifying qualities and perfume.  Our products are modestly presented in attractive blue jars with colourful labels, in line with our philosophy of natural simplicity.

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