Rest & Relaxation

Rest and relaxation is ideal for people who over-do things, in particular housewives/mums, single parents, carers, teachers, workaholics, or anyone working under pressure. These types ignore the warnings signs to rest and so, live on their nerves. They find it hard to sleep, and in such impossible situations, find it difficult to do anything to really change things and manage the running of day to day life in a better way. Living life in the fast lane inevitably leads to a run down of health, as we drive ourselves on and on. Some people, however, enjoy living on a high like this and they can get a lot done, but without due care, it can lead to burn out.  Sadly, going down with a bug may be only way to give the body a much needed rest! But beware, if inner reserves are low, it can be hard to shake off.

Remedies are the very best thing to turn to, as they are made from natural flowers and help to settle and soothe the system. Sleep is more attainable, and so over time, things start to gently unwind, life is addressed in a much more calm and balance way. 

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