Hope & Optimism

It’s easy to get down about things and let negativity get a hold. It becomes hard to see a way forward, through the gloom of life, as there are many causes, some minor and some more serious. What do you tackle first? Perhaps you have been unwell, or gone through a difficult life event, like a break up. It’s winter and there is a lack of sunlight, or you may be someone who needs a lot of exercise to stay happy and positive, but you feel too lethargic to get out and run!!

It’s so easy to feel hard done by and lonely, but if we are not careful our friends will start giving us a wide berth and avoiding us!!! So try not to get preoccupied, and look up at the sky sometimes. Try to embrace a wider perspective on life and take more responsibility for yourself. These remedies will help you feel lighter and brighter, and bring some insight on the 'ins and outs' of your life and what it needs to make positive changes.

Always see your Doctor if you feel down for any length of time.

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