After the Party




At last, a gentle, natural lift for the morning after the night before.

‘After the Party’ is an inspired grouping of Bach Flower Remedies, that can lessen the unwanted effects of life’s little ‘over-indulgences’. It is a product specifically targeted at younger people, with their heady, high paced life-styles. This is an age group that could easily miss out on the benefits of Flower Essences, as these preparations can seem more suited to the older set.

But you don’t have to be a tree hugger to take a Flower Essence and benefit!


After the Party is totally versatile, and lends a kind hand on the roller coaster of life. Wake up and reach for After the Party.

Try it...

              ‘after a long day and before a night out’

              ‘after the workout’

              ‘after the fun’ 

              ‘before facing a long and difficult day’ 

              ‘after a draining day’


"‘I started taking After the Party a couple of weeks ago, because I was feeling so ‘pants’ about work and struggled to get motivated in the morning. I’ve noticed a massive difference, I’m much more positive and  so much less stressed, although still don’t love my job, I’m finding I deal with a stressful day much easier than before’.                     Leah Collings, Bristol

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