Be Calm for Animals

  Be Calm blended Flower Essence remedy for animals

There are times when some animals need to be comforted and helped to remain calm. Loud noises and bangs, such as fireworks, have a penetrating quality that is still loud enough, even inside, to cause distress. Such sensitive animals are often upset by thunder and other loud noises, such as gun shots, so this can be an all year round problem for owners.

Help is to hand

It’s difficult to know what can be done to help such situations, but over time we are happy to report some amazing success using Flower Essences. Animals have proved to be excellent subjects for these types of preparations. They respond very quickly to the simple treatment as they have a great willingness to change and to be happy in the moment.

Sun Essences Be Calm for Animals

Sun Essences has adapted its succesful, tried-and-tested blended remedy Be Calm to produce a flower essence that is the perfect choice for soothing a frightened animal when fireworks or thunder fills the sky. Use also for the many everyday, ups and downs of pet care e.g. for any occasion that your pet is upset or distressed in any way, travel problems, visits to the vet, minor complaints, etc.

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