Be Blends For People

Why the ‘Be’ Blends are special

To make these delightful flower essence combinations we carefully choose remedies for all aspects of the given problem – ensuring a well balanced approach. In addition Sun Essences includes floral essences which focus on:

  • Protection
  • Easing Pressure
  • Balance
  • Strengthening





In ancient tradition the rainbow is believed to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth. It is also thought to be the colours of the human soul and a good balance can enhance our natural life force.







Sun Essences range of blended Flower Essence remedies


With this ancient tradition in mind, Sun Essences has taken care to blend the colours of the remedies chosen to create a rainbow in each bottle. These flower essences support an inner radiance so the soul colours can shine through and we can function more effectively in our daily lives.

Note: Each blend contain a number of different remedies, so it is not recommended that you take more than one at a time. The only exception to this might be, a dose of Be Calm in the case of an emergency, or a dose of Be Restful at night.


Dispensing Methods - NEW Options!


Sun Essences has always used dropper inserts for their 30ml Be Blends, but following some requests we have decided to now offer pipettes and sprays (for 10ml and 30ml). Simply select which method you prefer when ordering.

To read more about the different dispensing methods and the benefits of each.... more >


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