Emergency Essence
Composite remedy for use before, during or after any alarming, extreme or startling emotional situation. Brings ease, stability and balance.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Are you in a state of shock? Had an Accident? Or a Bereavement?
  • Afraid to go to the dentist? Bad news? Great alarm? Upsets? Crisis?
  • Do you suffer from stage fright? Nervous about public speaking?
  • Exams TODAY! Emergency!
  • Emotional states, tantrums, arguments or just feeling freaked out?
This remedy contains:
  • Cherry Plum For losing control and panic
  • Clematis To prevent unconsciousness, fainting. Grounding
  • Rock Rose To calm extreme terror and paralyzing anxieties
  • Star of Bethlehem For emergencies, alarming or startling events, and the after effects, which can be long term
  • Impatiens To ease irritability, tension or pain



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