Flower Essence Hawthorn Heart Spray
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A patterned combination of white, pink and red hawthorn flowers.

The Hawthorn Heart Spray, scented with expensive Rose Otto essentail oil, helps you to organise confused thoughts, and brings clarity in times of emotional turmoil. It helps you to prioritise and understand what is important in your life. It brings understanding of what right for you, on a soul level and enhances the courage you need to act.
Also helps you to feel more at peace when taking care of yourself.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you in a state of emotional confusion?
  • Can't organise your thoughts?
  • Unable to understand what you are feeling?
  • Thinking too much of what you should do, rather than what's right for you?
  • Can't take care of yourself?
  • Need to focus on the self more?
  • Thinking too much of what you should do, rather than what's right for you?
  • In need of a solution?
  • Frightened to act?


When the heart energy is blocked the result can be distressing inner turmoil. Tearing things to bits inside encourages further confusion and
unbalanced emotions. You may want answers to questions that have no answers, when it’s often more helpful to see that things are just
as they are.

Hawthorn very quickly reduces the need to analyze or over-emotionalize. It promotes a more balanced holistic view and encourages positivity and strength. Helps you to see what is right do to on a soul level and the ability to carry it out, Hawthorn encourages an acceptance of what is and
helps you to let go in a way that honours the self and others.

 It supports an increased understanding of the universal plan and a realization that we cannot see the whole picture. Brings acceptance and
understanding with a sense of moving forward, as those things that have caused confusion are seen in a new light

Instructions for Use:

Spray essence around heart area  and massage in a clockwise direction. Apply morning and night. Use for a period of between at least four, but
no more than seven days – depending on how fast the solution comes. After a break of not more than seven days, return to the spray for
another cycle if the situation remains unresolved.

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