Flower Essence Lavender Easing Oil
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2 reviews
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Use as a massage oil to soothe any discomfort or stiffness. Rub into affected area as required and also add twelve drops to your bath.

To soothe any discomfort or stiffness.



The Oil is designed to ease, and sooth, but also to boost the system. It has proved to be very versatile and can be put to many uses.

Use after exercise to reduce stiffness and rub into any area of discomfort. It plays a valuable and supportive role for many difficulties as it releases tightness that has accumulated in the affected area. Ideal for those who do a lot of desk-work and get stiff; rub into neck and shoulders.
Use when doing any other repetitive activity, which may cause discomfort.

Instructions for Use:

Rub into affected area morning and night as required, then as many addition applications as needed, depending on condition. Even a single, nightly application is helpful.

Add 12 drops to the bath and if desired, put 12 drops in your body lotion.

If you use this product regularly, every few months use the Crab Apple Soothing Cream for two weeks as the body makes better use of any help
given if it has a change from time to time.


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