Flower Essence Spearmint Protection Spray
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Ideal for clearing negativity from cars, homes and auras. Recommended for daily use by therapists between clients. This blend contains a unique

and refeshing selection of flower essences chosen for their protecting and clearing properties. Spray around aura or chosen area as required.

Some people are very empathic and can pickup on negative energy fields. The stuff seems to stick like Velcro! A cold shower is a very effective
remedy, but a much kinder solution is flower essences. The Protection Spray contains a selection of flower essences, which can cleanse and
clear a room and also give an individual  necessary auric protection.

The colour of the blooms chosen to make up the spray, together make a rainbow. This is reputed to be the colour of the human soul and so our energy
fields can receive all the various hues it needs to rebalance and energise.

Read more about the Lavender Protection Spray in this Sun Essences article HERE >  (PDF document)

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your energy field sometimes feel ‘open’ and therefore in need of protection?
  • Do you sense that you pick up emotional debris from others?
  • Do you ever feel ‘atmospheres’ in a house for example?
  • Do you ever need to cleanse your house of negative energy?
  • Are you a therapist and need to cleanse a therapy room of negativity after treatments?
  • Are you affected by environmental influences, e.g. cities, shops, public transport, pollution, a busy workplace etc?


  • Alkanet can balance and calm when there are chaotic energies
  • Aspen for when the aura is open to anxiety and disturbing outside influences
  • Bluebells is nature's emergency remedy, and brings calm and tranquility
  • Copper Beech cleanses the energies and is grounding
  • Lungwort  restores breaks in auric field
  • Moss puts a strong protective ‘ coat’ on the aura
  • Mullien clears a fuzzy head, a common result of picking up on negativity
  • Pennyroyal protection from others projected thought forms and also elementals
  • Pink Yarrow for empathic types, who pick up others emotional debris (displayed on label)
  • Ragged Poppy helpful when the your energy is confined
  • Orange Hawkweed re-energises the aura where it is blocked
  • Scilla helps one to be clear about what is needed to balance energy levels
  • Walnut gives general protection and helps breaks links in aura with others and the past


This blend is specifically for spraying into the aura, around the house car or place of work. It’s particularly helpful for therapists whose
clients may have negativity in the aura. Spraying the room before and after sessions is found to be very helpful.

Instruction for use:

Spray around room as often as required. Spray around your aura before leaving house/before a client arrives, and as often as required.

Baths: Add twelve drops of spray into the bath and fully immmerse yourself to give the same helpful effects.

To clean your own aura:

The effects of the spray is enhanced if the aura is ‘brushed clean’ before application. Cover the third eye with fingertips overlapping, brush /stroke
down side of face, neck and over shoulder – repeat seven times. Then cover crown chakra with both fingertips and brush straight down back
to base chakra and again do this seven times.

It is better for a friend to do this for you and then you for them – but it is possible to do it yourself, you just have to do the back stoke in two
sections using the back of your hand for the second half. Then spray up your front and down the back.

Keep a bottle of this in your car. the spray really peps you up and clears the senses if feeling drowsy.

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