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There are times when some animals need to be comforted and helped to remain calm. Loud noises and bangs, such as fireworks, have a penetrating quality that is still loud enough, even inside, to cause distress. Such sensitive animals are often upset by thunder and other loud noises, such as
gun shots, so this can be an all year round problem for owners.

Help is to hand

It’s difficult to know what can be done to help such situations, but over time we are happy to report some amazing success using Flower Essences. Animals have proved to be excellent subjects for these types of preparations. They respond very quickly to the simple treatment as they have a great willingness to change and to be happy in the moment. Essences are easy to administer, as the flowers are in liquid form, preserved with a little
organic brandy. They are designed to put in food, or water, or can even be given on a treat. A spray can also work well, given as a quick puff
into the animal’s mouth or used as a mister.


Sun Essences Be Calm for Animals

This is the perfect choice for soothing a frightened animal when fireworks or thunder fills the sky. Use also for the many everyday, ups and downs of
pet care e.g. for any occasion that your pet is upset or distressed in any way, travel problems, visits to the vet, minor complaints, etc.
Naturally, Flower Essences are no substitute to visiting the veterinary surgeon in the event of a more serious condition or situation.

How to use this blend

Start treatment as soon as you can before the event, a week is best, but even a few days
will help. Give 7 drops x 3 times a day, for medium sized animals. Add to food, or water,
or even they can be dropped on a treat, e.g. a biscuit.  

Further options for giving the dose

You can gently lift the lip and spray directly into the mouth. A further option is to spray on
the animal’s paw, so it can lick it off. Please feel free to find your own ways that suit you
or your animal. On the day of the event extra doses can be given as needed, every five
minutes if necessary, or mist around the animal if it’s too distressed to eat or groom.

It is important to remember to act calmly around the animal, which communicates that circumstance are entirely normal.


  • Always add Be Calm drops to water when refilling animals water bowl
  • Beneficial alongside behavioural therapy
  • Give extra cuddles and say some kind words when giving doses, to associate essences with something pleasant
  • Ideal for any kind of pet, farm or wild animal. Give 12 drops for larger animals, 7 drops for medium sized and 3 drops for smaller pets
  • One puff from the spray is equivalent of 3-4 drops
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