White Violet (Viola Odorata) Flower Essence
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Adventure of the inner journey 

We are very familiar with the idea of a ‘shrinking violet.’ This gives the impression of a shy, modest and unassertive person, often female, who
shrinks from any familiarity with others, loosing courage and spirit. It may be that they fear rejection, preferring to draw themselves
into the sidelines of life.

We only have to consider the violet flowers, hidden among the leaves and hanging down, to understand the original source of such a saying.
These plants also prefer to grow in damp, shady places, but the leaves are interestingly the shape of hearts.

In the meaning of flowers, the Violet is thought to embody the concept of candour. This means people who are honest,  frank and straightforward
in their expression with others. They are sincere, fair and embody a sense of purity and lack of prejudice, which brings a sense of calmness to

There are several varieties of violet, but Sweet Violet is most highly thought of, as it has a wonderful,  elusive and evocative scent, much prized by perfumeries. Violets were also thought to be aphrodisiacs, if a rather ‘well mannered one! Perhaps this links to the heart shaped leaves!!

In particular the White Violet embodies an adventurousness spirit, willing to take a chance with life, love and happiness.

As you explore this flowers meaning in depth, it is easy to see both sides of the situation. A shy, retiring person, shrinking from interaction with others,
to an honest person, happy with clear, straightforward communication.

Consider the colour of the blooms which are in the main purple, this being the most spiritual of colours, while white, shot with veins of purple,  embodies, an ever higher spiritual expression.

So, when I consider what the White Violet flower essence will do I place it on the most adventurous of journeys,  the inner spiritual journey.
How easy it is to reject and then shrink from the divine within yourself. And how easy to deny this is happening, but pay the price!! So, this
sense of candour and fairness is needed with yourself. We need to fall in love with ourselves, and smell the pure sweet perfume of self acceptance.
Trust will follow,  and then it is easy to bring this to an honest and sincere interaction with others.

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