This year seems to have been a particularly abundant year for snowdrops. As I turn the  corner, I see yet another swathe adorning a verge, or sprinkled, like flecks of snow in a wood. They also seem to be lasting and lasting…perhaps it is the cool weather.

Affectionately known as February Fair maids, they were planted around Abbeys as a symbol of the monk’s and nun’s purity.

As a flower essence Snowdrop can cleanse and purify cold, or sad emotions, just look at the white bloom hanging down, like a tear drop. People in the snowdrop state are numb and may have become hard, due to tough life experiences.  Taking this essence offers the opportunity to look at life a-fresh and seek a new beginning.  Just as these flowers herald the coming of Spring, there can be renewed hope and trust, and the start of more warm, loving connections with others.



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