Borage Flower Essence


If choosing individual remedies is a difficult option may I suggest these carefully created Be Blends? Although presented in a consecutive fashion, as all the stages of grief are, people of course will chop and change – moving backwards and forwards as they need to. Just choose which ever one seems most appropriate to the situation.




The first periods of grief are the acute phases, stages  1, 2 and 3. It’s a time of distress. denial and anger with the deepest pain being experienced. People can react in vastly different ways, and some feeling calmly dazed, others hysterical. There can be a sense of unreality or others may find ways of avoiding or bargaining with the pain.

During these initial times, all our emotions are tied up in the grief and its hard to pay attention to much of anything else and this is understandable. Without the beloved it feels a if you have not future and that’s scary!

It’s well understood that the best way through is straight through,  and that means staying in the present and facing the pain and loss head on!! Crying can be the best release, but for many Society has taught us to be BRAVE and bottle up our feelings.

Be Calm will give great support during these times, and also help us to find our tears but to afterwards feel released and comforted. It’s the first choice when the pain gets on top of us, it will ease us,  and bring us back to reality. For those first dreadful few weeks, and also the times later on when we feel our back is against the wall, its something we can keep coming back to as and when we feel the need of a front line level of support.

This is for the long adjustment period, mainly in the present at Stage 4, but also moving back into 1, 2, and 3. Slowly we face the reality of the death and eventually the times comes when the hurt is not so bad and this new feeling expands.

The hard work is to release the many attachments that link us to our beloved, and there may be a huge number depending on how close that person was to you. As you free and reclaim your emotions, it becomes possible to invest in a new life. It’s a long, painful and difficult slog, and thinking, talking and writing about our beloved and  mentally experiencing the loss, over and over, its possible to begin to accept it emotionally. One day you be able to remember without the tears spilling out and pain griping your insides. That seems like an impossibility, but there are books and stories written by people who have trod this road before us and assure us that it’s possible.

This Be Comforted blend remedy is for the ongoing slog of grief work the constant letting go, the varying emotions that bubble up to plague us anger, guilt, neediness, and so on. It again, will help the tears to unblock, and comfort our sorrows.

Perhaps it will also give us patience as grief can be likened to a wound, which needs the right care. Grief needs it rightful dues, and unexpressed grief will complicate the process and we will never move on.

Acceptance and moving back into life if the final stage, but that is not without its challenges. The second period of grief has slowly reclaimed our emotional life back from the beloved and we can at last freed to invest in a new life. Our tendency will be  to move too quickly, before we are really ready, and to do too much too soon.

Perhaps we will need to start a job for the first time in our lives, or start dating once again. All manner of new and difficult things will need to be attempted, or simply returning to old activities but now as very different people. It is said that grief can sap your self esteem and leave us apprehensive where once before we were confident. Be Confident does what it says on the tin and will  give us the necessary, everyday support we need to get going in our lives once again. Again, caution is needed, take the time you need to get familiar with these things, Rome was not built in a day.

There may be a number of times during this recovery period when you feel some inner turmoil. You will now understand how hard it is to separate out what you used to do for your beloved, and what was for yourself. Now its all for yourself, but the habit is to still do things for the deceased. This Hawthorn Heart spray will help you to become your own person and to begin to act for yourself, which may be for the first time for many years!


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